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About Us


We are a global marketing company located in Waco, Texas but we serve the worldwide community. We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround time and quality work!

The Gibbs Group of Companies is a full fledged website development company. We can design and customize your website, but more importantly, we make your website more profitable.

Our early involvement in web development was solely restricted to getting websites up in record time and leaving SEO considerations to others. Having entered the SEO market we make sure that customers and clients can find you online, even if they do not now your name, and are prepared to do business with you once you have been found.

There are tons of SEO “experts” touting their abilities, but building a successful web presence involves SEO (making your website lovable to Google and the other search engines) but there is much more involved in the process.

To get target customers to your site is a constantly changing and sometimes complex process. The Internet is growing and changing daily, and unfortunately so are the best practices of what is working and what is not – as well as what could get your site tossed to the side. Knowing what is working and what is not, and what new trends will ultimately help or hurt your online presence demands being on top of the industry’s constant evolution.

Our firm works with some of the most successful online marketers on the web today. Our team includes regularly featured contributors to the monthly trade publication of the Local Internet Marketing Association, content creation experts and trainers, dedicated project managers, and entrepreneurial online marketing strategists with a proven record of helping businesses make money online.

When you work with The GGoC, your business will benefit from our unmatched connections, expertise, and effectiveness. We also expertly handle your Social Media and your Mobile Media Marketing.

To summarize, we handle ALL of your internet marketing needs so that you can compete better online and concentrate on growing your business.

What Type of Clients Do We Look For?

The GGoC ONLY works with business owners who want to expand their businesses, take the position of industry leaders and who are ready to handle the No. 1 position on Google. If that describes you and your business, please get in touch with us today by scheduling your free consultation. Just fill out the form in the sidebar to the right.

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