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[imaioVideoReveal1 v=1]*The Gibbs Group of Companies (“The GGoC”) reserves the right to rescind this offer at any time. Act now as time is limited. The GGoC can only produce a limited amount of Mock-up Mobile Apps at this price point and we restrict this offer to a specified time period determined by The GGoC. When we reach our designated time period for Mock-Up Mobile Apps with this discount and/or we reach the amount of Mock-up Mobile Apps we can produce at this price point, The GGoC reserves the right to rescind this offer without further notification. After The GGoC produces a Mock-Up Mobile App for a Prospective Client (“Client”); said Client will be notified, by email (“Email Notification”) and will have Seventy-Two (72) Hours (hereinafter referred to as “The Approval Period”), from the time of delivery of the Notification Email, to approve the Mock-Up Mobile App for final production, provide any additional assets that may be required to publish the Final Mobile App and remit payment for said Final Mobile App before production can begin on the Final Mobile App. If the Client does not contact The GGoC either by email, phone or any regularly accepted communication method(s), within The Approval Period, The GGoC reserves the right to delete Client’s Mock-Up Mobile App from its database, charge full-price for the Final Mobile App if approved after The Approval Period, minus any discounts for the Final Mobile App and begin work on the Final Mobile App when The GGoC’s schedule permits.[/imaioVideoReveal1]

Watch this short video to hear YOUR OFFER and then decide if you can refuse it.

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**Click on the image below and enter the app code that you were given for your app in the email field and leave the password field blank. If you prefer to view Your App on your iPhone smartphone then Download the GoMobile Solutions app (Educational Version) on your iPhone here, install it, go to the Preview tab and enter the app code that you were given. You do not need a password. If you have an Android device then Download the “FREE” GoMobile Solutions App here and follow the same instructions. Enjoy!!**

Enter these app codes to see some of our recent work. You do not need a password only the codes noted below. Please note: the codes are NOT cASe SenSItiVe. Refresh your screen to enter a new code.

avetter1   Currysauto   Duraclean
SampaBJJ   Gunsmoke   LushCoffee
Mav1000   MindMovies   SHB
WhiskeyJoes   Winecoach    

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